White Awake

A Daylong Retreat with Vinny Ferraro, Arinna Weisman and Eugene Cash

Saturday, January 13th 10am-4:30pm

How can Buddhist teachings help us understand and respond to the systemic and immense suffering of racism? This daylong will explore that question. Through gathering to study, reflect and dialog within community, we will gain insight about how systems of racism and privilege operate, and learn ways we can support skillful change. This is a daylong for white practitioners, specifically, to build awareness and knowledge.

Conversations on racial injustice can bring healing, understanding and change. This daylong on white awareness hopes to contribute to a wider societal movement by serving the need for conversation among white people, with the larger goal of supporting practitioners in understanding power, privilege and oppression as a form of suffering that can be met with our Buddhist practice. This can prepare the ground for effective inter-racial dialogues.

Cost: $35-75 sliding scale, plus dana (donation) to support the teacher. Scholarships are available.


Note: The daylong will be followed by a five-week class series taught by Arden Pennell and Amanda Ream on Tuesdays from 7:30pm-9pm starting January 16 at Against the Stream. For more info, visit https://www.againstthestream.org/event/white-awake-2/2018-01-16/