Statement of Purpose

The SF Insight Board of Directors exists to nurture the development of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha within the practice of lay life by:

  • Overseeing the practical functioning of SF Insight.
  • Facilitating the implementation of practice and learning opportunities throughout the year.
  • Supporting our teachers in their efforts to bring the Dharma to our community.
  • Serving the community by listening to the practical and spiritual concerns of Sangha members and supporting efforts of the community to address those concerns.
  • Cultivating opportunities to connect our individual practice with the needs of the broader community, including other practice groups, through service.

Board Members

Fahad Ghani, President

Fahad has been practicing mindfulness meditation since 2012, sparked after a visit to Dharamshala, the town in India where the Dalai Lama lives. He has been part of the SF Insight meditation community since 2013, contributing as a volunteer since then. He joined the Board in 2016 and serves as Co-Chair of the Communications Committee. In professional life, Fahad works as a software engineer in the the city, and is interested in learning how to bring the every day life in software industry into the Dharma.

Paul Irving, Treasurer

Paul Irving has practiced meditation and contemplation in Eastern and Western traditions since 1973. In 2012 he completed Spirit Rock’s Community Dharma Leader Program. He is the co-founder of a successful optometry clinic, has been a consultant in project management and non-profit funding development, and is currently the Practice Manager of a large health practice at UCSF.


Miroo Kim, Secretary

Miroo Kim has practiced yoga and meditation since 2009. has been working in the fast-paced and highly competitive companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook, and directly experienced and observed suffering from disconnection and burnout. As a certified teacher for yoga (200 hours), Search Inside Yourself Leadership Training, and Compassion Cultivation Training, she’s offering the classes on mindfulness and compassion and co-leading the Mindfulness employee group at Facebook. Miroo is on a mission to help people unlock their intrinsic motivations within their work and to create a culture of compassion and resilience at workplaces.

Nina Gold, Board Member

Nina has been a member of the SFI community since 2007 and joined the board in 2016. She finds the practice of insight meditation a profound gift, the resonance of which touches and informs her whole life experience. She has been a yoga teacher since 1998 and loves how the two practices intersect and support each other. Nina has served as a volunteer in many capacities over the years and now is Chair of the Volunteer Committee.


Eileen Spillane, Board Member

Eileen Spillane has practiced Insight Meditation since 2001 and is a graduate of Spirit Rock’s Community Dharma Leader Program. She has practiced as a Nurse for over thirty years, working with patients in the birthing process as well as many years with critically ill cancer patients. She enjoys teaching meditation in a supportive environment to help participants ease stress in their lives.


Faye Schulte, Board Member

Faye has been a member of the SF Insight community since 2010 and joined the Board in 2015 as Co-Chair of the Communications Committee. After 20 years as a marketing professional, she left the corporate world in 2014 to pursue a career as a personal trainer. Faye is passionate about fitness, nutrition, and studying and practicing the dharma. She is committed to helping clients develop more awareness of their body and sharing how that can help bring us into the present moment.

Elise Heggli, Board Member

Elise has been meditating since 2012 and attending SFI regularly since 2013. She is passionate about living a fully conscious life and greatly appreciates how the sangha has supported that practice. She serves as the Events Coordinator to give back to a community that has given so much to her. Elise is also passionate about her growing skincare practice, volunteer work, and spending time in nature.

Eugene Cash, Founder

Eugene is the founding teacher of San Francisco Insight. He is a member of the Spirit Rock teacher council, where he co-leads the Community Dharma Leader training and teaches intensive meditation retreats. Eugene’s teaching is influenced by many streams of Buddhism–– Theravadan, Zen and Tibetan. He is also a Diamond Heart teacher. He’s passionate about practicing 24/7, weaving awareness, investigation and realization into our life.


Pamela Weiss

Pamela Weiss has been practicing in the Zen and Theravada traditions since 1987. She spent several years in a Zen monastery, is trained by Jack Kornfield through Spirit Rock, and co-leads the Wednesday evening sangha for SF Insight. Pamela is also an executive coach, and pioneer in bringing the principles and practices of Buddhist teaching into leadership development inside organizations. Her passion is in bringing the richness and depth of Buddhist teachings to the world of work and relationships, as well as articulating a feminine expression of the dharma.