A Liberated Heart: Opening to Love, Compassion, Equanimity, and Joy

A Daylong for Women

Saturday, March 30

10 am – 4 pm

SF Dharma Collective, 2701 Folsom St.

With Eve Ekman and Juliana Sloane

Join us for a day of community, connection, and exploration of the four Brahma Viharas (Divine Abodes): Metta (love), Karuna (compassion), Mudita (empathetic joy), and Upekkha (equanimity). In the company of our fellow women practitioners, we will connect deeply with these essential heart qualities and their role in our lives.

The Brahma Viharas point us towards a way of meeting our lives that is courageous, caring, and deeply transformative: turning towards experience with an open heart and responding appropriately to what that moment truly calls for. Through practice, discussion, and story, we will explore together how these four immeasurables can help us meet the joys and challenges of our lives more fully.

This daylong is open to all who self-identify as women.

Eve Ekman is the Director of Training at the University of California Berkeley Greater Good Science Center. Ekman’s research interests were inspired by her experience as a medical social worker in the emergency department of San Francisco General Hospital coupled with her training in the applied emotion regulation and mindfulness intervention: Cultivating Emotional Balance, CE: http://eveekman.com/

Juliana Sloane first encountered the Dharma as a teen, and felt an immediate heart connection to the teachings. Today, she leads a weekly women’s sangha in San Francisco, and teaches young people through Spirit Rock’s Family Program. She is a graduate of the Sati Center’s Buddhist Chaplaincy Program, and holds degrees in Gender Studies and Religious Studies, all of which inform her practice and teaching. Juliana is passionate about the possibilities of personal and community transformation held in the Dharma, and aspires to bring this to all parts of life, including her work as a leader at a youth-serving nonprofit. julianasloane.com