Discovering Reality

Awareness, Inquiry and Awakening

 with Eugene Cash

Saturday, February 3 from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

First Unitarian Universalist Church

1187 Franklin (between Geary and O’Farrell)

Meditation is not just a passive exercise. The meditative process includes active exploration of body, heart, mind, self and other–– the whole of Reality. In addition to mindful awareness and kindness, waking up evokes our curiosity, wonder and intelligence as we discover the fullness of humanity living in each of us.

During our day together we will explore, experientially, the skill of investigation to uncover the potential of human life.  This will include:

  • Experiencing what happens when the investigative quality of heart/mind is illuminated.
  • Discovering how investigation can mature from an intellectual exercise to a living meditation.
  • Uncovering the skillful use of your intelligence, creativity in the process of contemplative inquiry.
  • Developing awareness and inquiry to support living our lives from a Dharmic perspective.

Please bring your interest, curiosity, wonder and love of the dharma to this day.

Eventbrite - Discovering Reality: A Daylong Retreat with Eugene Cash The sliding scale registration fee is $35 to $150. Please pay the highest level that you can afford. Pre-registration is encouraged, but it is possible to register at the door on February 3, space permitting.

TEACHER DANA: Our teachers are supported solely by your donations for their time and teachings (they do not receive any portion of the registration fee). Suggested donation is $25 to $100 for the daylong. This amount can be offered to the teacher by cash or check (payable to SF Insight).

WHAT TO BRING: Please bring your lunch.

FOR INFORMATION: Call 415-994-5951, or visit

Eugene Cash is the founder of San Francisco Insight. He is a senior Spirit Rock teacher. As part of Spirit Rock Eugene co-leads the Community Dharma Leader program, training people to teach in their local communities. He also teaches the Diamond Approach®. Eugene is passionate about teaching awareness, inquiry and waking up in daily life.

Since we want our classes to be accessible to as many sangha members as possible, we offer our classes on a sliding scale registration fee basis. For those unable to afford the low end of the sliding scale, some limited income and scholarship slots are available (please call 415-994-5951 prior to the daylong if the registration fee is an obstacle to your participation).

* Please consider the highest level that you can donate in order to support those who have fewer resources.