Investigating Our White Identity Through the Dharma

A New Kalyana Mitta Group Starting January 2019

with Paul Irving & Eileen Spillane

This group is intended for dharma practitioners who identify as white and are interested in exploring our white identity in relationship with racial suffering.

We will meet once a month for eight sessions. Each session includes materials to be read or watched with self reflections prior to the sessions. We’ll discuss these reflections in the group as we hold our learnings with wisdom and compassion. 

We ask for a willingness to commit to the group for the duration of the 8 sessions to provide consistent support and continuity for the group. 

We will be meeting Mondays from 6:30-8:30 in San Francisco at the home of a Sangha member.
For more information, click here to contact Eileen Spillane.
Kalyana Mitta translates from Pali as “spiritual friends.” These groups are a great way to deepen one’s practice and form closer ties with members of the Sangha. Most of our Kalyana Mitta groups at SF Insight act as study groups. Each has 5-15 people who meet from one to four times monthly, usually at someone’s house.