Weekly Sittings & Talks

Weekly Sittings & Talks

People of all experience levels are welcome to join our weekly sittings. We are meeting via Zoom while we’re unable to meet in person.

Our weekly Sunday sittings are led by Eugene Cash or a guest teacher. We meet from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. The Zoom link for the Sunday sitting is [click here]. Please check the home page for the latest teacher updates.

Our weekly Monday sittings are led by a collective of teachers: Eileen Spillane, Nina Gold, Syra Smith and Raul Coronado. The Zoom link for the Monday sitting is [click here] or open the Zoom app and join Meeting ID 814 7430 7011, password SFIMonday.

Dana Practice

Dana means “generosity.” The Buddha’s teachings are considered priceless but are given freely in a spirit of generosity. Offering dana (a donation) gives students an opportunity to express gratitude for the teachings and to cultivate the joy of giving.

To cover San Francisco Insight expenses and make an offering to the teacher, we ask participants for a donation.

You may make your offering online, or contact us if you’d like to mail a check (please do not use the P.O. Box for donations).

We also welcome your generosity through volunteering.